Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Drawing is fun. You should try it yourself sometime.
Also, this drawing is open to your interpretation.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Here is the space where I would type, letter by letter, the rules of my blog. However, if I were to set rules for myself, I would most likely end up breaking them. Therefore, I will not establish rules. I will set rough "guidelines" for me to follow. This way, if I do not end up following my rules, I will not have some pesky reader complaining that I broke some "previously stated rule." By the way, if that's you, don't be that guy. . . nobody likes him. Anyway, here are my guidelines.

My Guidelines
  • I will not rant.

  • I will not use acronyms as if I were writing on an instant messaging system. Don't be lazy, it's hard to read. However, if I'm low on tyme i jst may, but DQMOT, abriv8.*

  • I will write a good word from Steven Colbert once per post unless I forget or stop this tradition. By the way, Steven Colbert is one cool dude.

  • I will write random things on this blog because it is a smorgasbord. These things include quotes, Steven Colbert, funny things to share, rants, stories, acronyms, pictures or pics if I'm short on time, and anything else that comes out of my mind.

  • I will add to this collection of posts at least once per week.

  • I may forget to post and therefore please ignore the previous rule.

These are my guidelines. Now, as my reader, you too will have to follow some guidelines.

Your Guidelines

  • If I, as a reader, express any emotional reaction to this blog, I will either mail or deliver a large sum of money or valuables to the writer of the post.**

  • I, as a reader, will follow the first rule.
Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

*Translation: However, if I am running low on time, I just may, but don't quote me on this, abbriviate.

**Make checks payable to my foundation: Caring Always Stopped Hobos or "CASH" for short.